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Great service and I’ll let my feedback from the GPhC’s review of my CPD record speak for itself.... "We reviewed 20 entries in your record and 100% of the total assessable criteria were met. Reflection - Excellent! Planning – Excellent! Action – Excellent! Evaluation – Excellent!" I would recommend the CPD Centre to everyone. They know what they are doing and make keeping on top of my CPD so much easier.
Michael Ball, Pharmacy Manager

I received an extremely professional service from my CPD Consultant at the CPD Centre. The experience was excellent with clear and well supported relevant advice leading to an anxious free submission. The GPhC subsequently approved the submission in all its detail.
Michael Fagelman, Pharmacy Owner

I have been using the services of the CPD Centre for many years. The service I have received has been outstanding in all aspects. My CPD Consultant has been supportive and it has been very easy to form a good working relationship. My CPD submission to the GPhC went smoothly and I would recommend the CPD Centre’s services to anyone.
Chandulal Ruparell, Pharmacy Manager

We all carry out activities that count as CPD every day. Most of us also need some support to focus and organise the CPD we do. The CPD Centre has been invaluable in assisting me with my CPD and gave me the confidence, when I needed it, to show me I was on the right track when submitting my CPD. My CPD Consultant helped me to stop worrying and gave me the focus I needed.
Simon Nelson, Pharmacy Owner

Excellent service, really takes the hassle out of CPD.
Michael Morrell, Pharmacy Owner

I have been a pharmacist for over 41 years and have just become an OAP. I read with terror the news that CPD was coming and even worse that it would be mandatory and a punishable offence not to record it! I have been worrying for several years because I thought my IT skills would not be sufficient. Although I have attended many workshops and meetings I had no idea how I could do my CPD. In my dispensary I could not contemplate going home and working it out. Retirement also was not an option. When I heard about the CPD Centre it was the best news I had received in years. I immediately signed up which meant I received regular mentoring. After being shown how I might use my information from attending meetings and workshops I had a go on paper. I was given feedback and now record my CPD online. This has been easier than I could possibly have thought. I am so grateful to the CPD Centre for setting my mind at rest and I am now up-to-date. Without their help I would still be in a depressed state wondering how I could produce a balanced portfolio of CPD.
Brian Bushell, Pharmacy Manager

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