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CPD for Pharmacy Technicians
Team Package

If you struggle keeping on top of your CPD recording, have got behind and are finding it difficult to find the time to catch-up, or are simply not sure about the quality of your CPD record, this is the paclage for you

  • This package includes everything in the standard package plus our CPD accountant service
  • In much the same way you may turn in an acciunt to complete your tax return, our CPD Accountant will record your CPD for you to submit to the GPhC
  • Information is gathered by your CPD accountant through brief discussions by telephone and communication by email
  • Your CPD accountant then records your CPD online using the GPhC's recording system
  • Your CPD accountant records up to 12 CPD entries a year during your annual subsription period
  • More CPD entries can be recorded to help catch-up if you are behind
  • Never worry about your CPD recording again
  • This service has been provided to 100s of satisfied pharmacists since it was launched in 2010
  • Highly valued by those who use it

The fee for this package ids £450 but is discounted to PDA members to just £340.


Top-up CPD entries

If you need more than 12 CPD entries recorded, we can do this. Fees are greatly discounted. If, for example, you have two years of CPD to catch-up with, you do not need to pay for two packages. The fees charged depend on the number of top-up entries you would like us to record. Call us for a quote.


Pharmacy owners

If you are a business owner looking to purchase you may want to look at our packages for pharmacies, where you can also purchase the CPD Account service at the discounted rate when you buy an entry level support package for your staff. Click here to visit the website dedicated to pharmacies.


Give us a call on 01795 533077 to purchase or discuss your options.

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